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ACCELLA TyrFil HeviDuty 55 Duro

ARNCO HeviDuty 55 Duro when rock-steady stability and minimum tyre sidewall deflection is desired. This 55-Shore-A formula is specifically designed for big, slow moving equipment or those tyres with high air pressure requirements. Filling a pneumatic tyre with premium 2 part ARNCO HeviDuty provides a much less machine and operator impact and much better contact patch that standard solid earthmover tyres,

  • Provides Rock-Steady Stability
  • Provides Added Safety
  • Minimum Tire Deflection
  • Ideal for Moving Heavy Loads Over Short Distances

Typical HeviDuty Applications:
HeviDuty is ideal for moving tremendous weights over short distances. Such applications would include aerial lifts, aircraft boarding bridges, straddle carriers, or underground mining equipment like shield haulers, scoops, scalers, and roof bolters.

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