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Wheel Manufacturing

The wheels of heavy industry and materials handling vehicles roll endlessly along, carrying the weight of our economy on the backs. All the weight they carry and power they exert transfers constantly through their wheels to the ground.

“It comes as a bit of a surprise for many people, when you tell them that they should change their wheels about every fifth tyre change,” says Mark Bloxham, Managing Director, Bearcat Tyres. “Materials handling and construction vehicles are pretty brutal on their tyres. The more wear and tear on the tyres, the more stress on the wheels,”

Bearcat Tyres, Australia’s largest distributor of industrial tyres, now produces a range of hard-wearing industrial wheels here in Australia. “The production is very labour intensive, with the wheels being hand welded, with quality control vigilant every step of the way.” Says Mark “With the weight that some of these wheels carry, you can’t afford to risk wheel collapse through fatigue.”

Bearcat Tyres have introduced a wheel safety reporting service for the port handling and mining industries. The wheels are exchanged on heavy industrial machines, such as straddle-lift container cranes. They are taken to the Bearcat workshop and tested in adherence to:

1. AS4457:2007 Part 1. Earthmover Wheels and Rims

2. AS4457:2008 Part 2. Earthmover Tyres

“We have wheels here in the workshop that on inspection were found to be dangerous and totally unable to be repaired.” Says Mark. “The mining industry has very high standards for underground mining. Unfortunately other industries forget about the weights and stress the heavy machinery wheels undergo.”

Bearcat Tyres manufactures wheels up to two metres in diameter, for all standard we can have the actual crack testing performed by an independent NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) certified company.

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