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  • CAMSO How to fit Compact Track Loader Tracks.

    Simply install new Camso rubber tracks and sprockets to your Compact Track Loader to maximise your productivity. See the video on how to install CTL rubber tracks.

  • Crack testing and Non Destructive testing of wheels

    Bearcat completes a full in-house service offering including wheel & rim crack testing. A 6 stage process ensures wheels are checked thoroughly before a final report is completed. A low cost solution to ensuring the safe reinstall of used wheels into your application.

  • CAMSO How to fit skidsteer Over The Tyre rubber tracks

    CAMSO over the tyre tracks can be installed on your machine in under 15 minutes per side. See how easy it is to transfer your skidsteer or Bobcat into a go anywhere track machine!

  • CAMSO Mini Ex Rubber Track Fitting
    CAMSO How to fit excavator rubber tracks.

    As the worlds largest manufacturer of excavator rubber tracks we show you how easy it is to install high quality Camso rubber tracks to your mini excavator.

  • CAMSO Find which rubber tracks suit your machine.

    The fastest way to find the right track size and type to suit your machine. All makes and models for excavators, track loaders, skidsteers, positracs, carriers, scissor lifts, dumpers etc.

  • Technical Tyre Training & Tyre Fitting
    SOLIDEAL ON-SITE-SERVICE Technical Tyre Training & Tyre Fitting

    Bearcat Tyres proudly supports our major fleet customers with up-to-date information on tyres, tyre fitting and tyre safety via group training sessions.

  • Bearcat - Tyre Disposal
    Tyre Disposal

    Bearcat, as part of the SOLIDEAL group, understand the responsibility to provide customers with a safe and environmentally positive disposal of scrap tyres. A new global tyre recycle program will also promote the re-manufacturing of sound tyres.

  • Tyre Flatproofing – Accella TyrFil
    Tyre Flat proofing using Accella TyrFil materials.

    ARNCO is the World’s largest and best producer of tyre flatproofing polymers. BEARCAT is the Australian supplier of Arnco and we offer a range of tyre flatproofing options. There are many advantages to Flat-proofing your tyres with ARNCO - save time, money and headaches!

  • On-Site Forklift Tyre Fitting Service

    Since 1973, our passion has been to provide industry with the very best on-site fitting service. Our patented Mobile Tyre Fitting Service Trucks and well trained tyre technicians ensure your business is in safe hands.

  • Onsite Tyre Fitting Via Grab Truck Tyre Hand

    Bearcat has been widely regarded as Australia's premium industrial tyre service provider. We are now proud to add to our fleet a number of CEMS (Construction / Earth Mover Service) trucks to offer the same fast, professional service for larger equipment. Now no job is too big or too small.