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  • “The way the tests are going we'd be happy to run SOLIDEAL SRGP tyres on everything”
    Danny Conlon, Group General Manager, Veolia NSW
    In 2009, Bearcat Tyres had a fantastic opportunity to test the new SOLIDEAL SRGP all purpose radial tyres on Cat 725 ADT's at Veolia's Woodlawn Eco-precinct. Since 2004 Veolia has been working to turn the contaminated site into one of Australia’s premier green energy facilities. Solideal SRGP tyres have covered over 3000 trouble free hours in service. Along with the tyre monitoring program, tyre safety education and training programs delivered on site all seems to be a positive step forward for all parties. Thanks once again to Veolia for this great opportunity to trial our SOLIDEAL SRGP radial truck & loader tyres.

  • “SOLIDEAL Loadmaster earthmover tyres are tougher, cheaper and are easier on our operators”
    Mike Taylor. Manager. ANL-Coldstream Composting Facility. Victoria.
    Australian Native Landscapes have pioneered many industry innovations and continue to lead by example. Recycling green organic waste supplied on a large scale by numerous local councils into valuable nutrient rich organic compost for the Horticulture & Agriculture industries. Their Volvo L120C loader works long & hard in order to sort & separate non organic from organic material before the high tech composting procedure can begin. It's a demanding, relentless task that is hard on machine, operators & tyres. SOLIDEAL Loadmaster tyres were recently fi tted by a local contractor and Mike says “both the operators & managers couldn’t be happier, with a noticeable increase in stability, performance & driver comfort. For a general purpose application we couldn’t go past the value for money - SOLIDEAL LOADMASTERS.”

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