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    Established in 1975, Bearcat is one of the longest serving & most trusted suppliers of high quality tyres, wheels & rubber tracks purpose built for specific industries. As Australia’s leading distributor we have strategically position warehouses in key industrial locations across Australia, all with the ability to complete a full installation and wholesale distribution service. Our ISO accreditation and SAP Technology platform proves our focus to the very best partner for your business needs.

    Our goal is to provide Australian industry with the best performing, best value products through their preferred suppliers. Our products, including CAMSO, are also available through all multinational and independent selected tyre dealers, equipment parts suppliers, machinery dealers and niche suppliers who can offer competitive prices on supply & local fitting.

    Bearcat Tyres is the true “One stop shop” with the ability to complete most requirements in house; from a pneumatic tyre, solid tyre, wheel, rubber track, flat-proofing, crack testing, tyre fitting or product training WE HANDLE IT.


    CAMSO & SOLIDEAL by Camso is the leading global tyre brand for material handling & construction equipment through achieving OEM acceptance & assembly line fitment on tier 1 equipment brands. Through rigorous testing SOLIDEAL by CAMSO industrial tyres are fitted to a large majority of new forklifts & the leading brand of replacement tyres in Australian industry. Such as SOLIDEAL MAGNUM – proven to be the best in class in both standard & non marking compounds.

    Owners, operators & contractors know the value of CAMSO brand first hand. CAMSO delivers real value through specially engineered products aimed to deliver traction, stability, durability, puncture resistance or tyre life advantages based on surface type & application. The CAMSO range is continually evolving with new products & next generation designs to meet the demands of modern industry & provide extra mobility for those that want more. A focus our range is the extensive range of GEN II CAMSO skidsteer tyres in exclusive new patterns and designs that will TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU WORK.

    Bearcat is also exclusive distributors of specialty products such as Accella TyrFil® materials which are installed into tyres to make them airless – NO MORE FLATS. Accella TyrFil® has been tested & proved in some of Australia’s hardest applications such as underground hard rock mining, long wall coal mining, waste recycling & metal foundries. The very best form of zero down time with the benefit of a more cushion ride and increased traction.

    We also stock brands such as Raeder Vogel polyurethane wheels & castors, Michelin radial forklift tyres, Amberstone radial mining tyres, CEAT ALTURA port & earthmover tyres to complete our full offering to industry.


    BEARCAT, as a CAMSO COMPANY, is 100% dedicated to being ROAD FREE; focusing 100% of our business to the supply & installation of tyres, wheels & rubber tracks for the off-road equipment market segment. Our focus is to support the tyre industry with the widest scope of services to support customer productivity uptime.

    Our large fleet of shiny silver BEARCAT press & service delivery trucks are on the road daily across the nation fitting solid & pneumatic forklift tyres onsite on behalf of leading forklift tyre brands. Adding to our capabilities are our unique tyre hand grab trucks which are utilised for larger tyres on construction, earthmover & mining sites to ensure the safest tyre installation.

    Wheels are also a large part of our business & we self-manufacture off-road wheels through our company owned BEARCAT WHEEL DIVISION located in Sydney’s West. Focusing on Industrial, Construction, Mining & Earthmover wheels we supply the highest quality wheels for maximum durability & long service life. Non-destructive wheel testing and refurbishments are all part of speciality our in-house services.

    Today Bearcat also offers flat-proof & solid tyres including wheel assemblies for high damage applications & equipment used in access applications. It’s all part of our drive to BE THE VERY BEST PARTNER IN THE FIELD, no matter what the application. We have the latest products, complete range & the best service to help you get the most from your equipment in service.

  • Camso is the best of Camoplast and Solideal

    By bringing together Camoplast and Solideal as Camso the Road Free Company, we are preserving the values and history that define us, while keeping an eye on the future. As well as sending out a strong message that we are one team dedicated to being a world-class brand manufacturer and service provider of performance products to meet all your off-the-road vehicle needs.

    We have

    4 dedicated business units, with market knowledge, and great familiarity with the users of our products and services.
    4 R&D centres: Ekala (Sri Lanka), Shanghai (China), Ghent (Belgium), Magog (Québec, Canada). More than 200 researchers working in R&D, including a dedicated “advanced technology" group.


    We are a customer-focused, world-class manufacturer and service supplier of high-performance products that meet the mobility needs of the off-the-road vehicle market.


    Global leadership in tires and tracks by meeting the mobility needs of the off-the-road vehicle market through lowest cost of ownership.


    EMPOWERMENT – Every day we ask ourselves: is there a better way?
    COMMITMENT – We do what we say with excellence.
    TEAMWORK – As a team, we win when everyone is fully committed.
    INTEGRITY – We do what’s best for Camso and our customers.
  • Our Revolution

    Bearcat Tyres was established in Sydney in 1973 primarily as an industrial tyre supplier on behalf of its USA parent company BEARCAT. The focus: “To meet the demands of a growing forklift population & select the very best staff to provide material handling companies with the very best products & services”. Bearcat was considered a “pioneer” by introducing mobile press trucks to provide an on-site solid tyre fitting service for material handling equipment corporations, transport companies and large fleets.

    In 1986 BEARCAT TYRES became a privately owned family business keen to expand supply by adding “best in class” products from world wide leading manufactures including ARNCO tyre flat-proofing (USA), RADER VOGEL polyurethane (Germany) & CEAT earthmover tyres (India).

    In 1999 the business was acquired by the SOLIDEAL International Global group of companies. As world leaders in forklift and construction tyres this provided a huge opportunity to grow our national footprint and become a key wholesaler to the market. Our range grew to a product line of over 66,000 items and Bearcat became the leading wholesaler of industrial tyres and construction tracks via new branches established in most capital cities.

    In February 2004 Bearcat opened an owned and self operated wheel manufacturing facility based from the Girraween location. The main focus to was to provide local customers with a highly engineered range of wheels and rims to provide better longevity in standard and heavy duty applications.

    Further to production the wheel division completes rim Non Destructive Testing (N.D.T), wheel certification, full axle assemblies, repairs and complete ready to fit tyre and wheel packages. Our local wheel refurbishment services quickly expanded and today Bearcat is proud partner to many leading tyre suppliers, mining companies and to the general port, forklift and aviation industries.

    In 2007 Bearcat Tyres began testing specialised radial mining tyres in conjunction with key business partners across Australia. With very successful results, radial AMBERSTONE, DURATOUGH and HILO tyres were selected and became part of our growing product range to accompany NEW SOLIDEAL radial earthmover tyres.

    In 2008 specialised the first of our specialty designed tyre grab tracks or “CEMS trucks” used for safe on-site large tyre fitting were being rolled out. Immediate supply and fit capabilities were now possible to large industrial, port service and earthmoving tyre servicing contracts.

    To effectively service remote locations Bearcat embarked on a national dealer program to improve service provided for for forklifts and industrial equipment. The SOLIDEALER network was created providing tools, presses, mobile press trucks and trailer presses along with industry leading hands on training for independent tyre companies approved to support SOLIDEAL product.

    In 2009 New “Silver Bullet” quick response mobile press trucks were also being incorporated into the fleet to provide more support to our growing material handling business across the nation. A focus for lower emissions, cleaner running, lower noise pollution and better ergonomics were incorporate into the designs for the betterment of the future. Isuzu recognized the innovation of Bearcat’s press trucks with numerous feature articles.

    In October 2010 Bearcat Tyres completed the transition to becoming a member of the CAMOPLAST SOLIDEAL Group as part of the global merger between SOLIDEAL and CAMOPLAST INC.

    In 2012 Bearcat launched the new CAMOPLAST rubber track range for the Australian market through key strategic partners. The product line is the largest in Australia covering tracks to suit Mini Ex, CTL, MTL, Agri, Construction and Powersport machines. CAMOPLAST quickly became the fastest selling brand of construction tracks in the Australian market.

    Camoplast Solideal Inc. — maker of Solideal industrial and OTR tyres — changed our name to Camso Ltd. on July 10th, 2015 and we’ll go to market as the “Road Free" company.

    “The launch of Camso highlights the success our company has achieved in just a few years," said Camso Chairman and CEO Pierre Marcouiller (MAGOG, Quebec), who claims the firm is the world’s second-largest specialized player in the production of tyres, tracks and track systems for off-the-road vehicles used in materials handling, construction, agriculture and powersports.

    Camso has grown 10-fold in sales in the past seven years to more than $1 billion in annual revenue, based on a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. To put its position in perspective, Camso said it “puts 100 percent of its effort on 11 percent of the global tyre and track market: the off-the-road market."

    Under Mr. Marcouiller’s direction, Camoplast embarked on a growth-by-acquisition strategy, including the purchase in September 2010 of Solideal Group, with manufacturing sites in Europe, North America and Asia, and more than 100 distribution and service locations throughout the world.

    Since then our firm has continued to grow by acquisition. Among recent purchases includes Eastwood Tyres of Auckland, New Zealand in May 2015.

    BEARCAT TYRES is committed to achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

    Our ability to provide the widest range of high performing products means our valued customers are supplied the right product for the application installed at the highest professional standard.

  • Does Tyre Fill increase load carrying capacity?

    No, tyre filling only replaced the air within a tyre. Load carrying capacity is derived from the tyre size and inflation pressure.

    Which tyres can be puncture proofed using tyre fill?

    Any off-highway tyres on vehicles which will never exceed 60 kph can be filled. A range of different compounds can be used promoting a softer ride or a heavy duty resistance.

    Can resilient (solid) tyres be fitted to all types of equipment?

    Equipment wheels with removable flanges or lock rings can usually accomodate resilient (solid rubber) tyres. There are a number of options and Bearcat can also manufacture rims to suit a solid tyre fitment.

    What are the benefits of smooth forklift tyres?

    Depending on the application – smooth tyres tend to last longer. The flat surface can also help with stability when carrying extreme loads. More footprint also can assist lower rolling resistance and less tyre fatigue.

    What is the difference between a white non marking tyre and grey non marking tyre?

    Both grey and white tyres are manufactured to basically stop black marks on clean floors. Depending on the brand the tyre can be white or grey but they both serve the same purpose.

    How was rubber discovered?

    The origins are traced back to 1770 when an English chemist named Joseph Priestly found a material in which he could remove pencil marks from paper. He called it “rubber".

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