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BEARCAT continues to strengthen our compact construction and earthmover tyre range with new multi-purpose construction tyres and new radial and bias ply tyre solutions for earthmoving applications in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and Townsville.

Our comprehensive range of earthmover and mining tyres have been tested and supplied to Australian industry (through local tyre dealers and equipment dealers) for over 45 years. If you need a solution, we usually have it on the shelf, ready to ship anywhere in Australia within 48 hours. We can also help with punctures, tyre rotations and onsite fitting at locations in Australia. We service across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and  Townsville.

We offer the widest range of earthmover tyres for all types of machines – including graders, loaders, articulated dump trucks and rigid dump trucks working in applications such as surface mining, quarry, construction, undergrounding mining and road construction equipment. This range of earthmover tyres is over and above our range of construction tyres. This helps us provide you with the full CAMSO experience for all your off-road tyre needs.

To complete our in-house service, Bearcat Tyres also supplies locally manufactured Australian built earthmover wheels, rims and components. Apart from this, earthmover wheel crack testing, including NDT wheel rim testing and refurbishment is also part of our service.

CAMSO Earthmover


CAMSO has a wide selection of both radial and bias ply (nylon) earthmover tyres to suit low impact applications. Our famous LOADMASTER pattern is suitable for hard rock while the lug style tread pattern provides traction and durability on good surfaces for both E3 earthmover use and L3 loader use. New radial ADT tyres by CAMSO also provide a specific solution for Articulated Dump Trucks.


Built for maximum durability, ZEETAH solid Loader and solid Earthmover tyres are available in 25 inch rim size and above. Special sidewall aperture holes provide maximum shock absorbing for high impact applications such as waste recycling.

For sizes under 25 inch, including 20 inch and 24 inch wheels, we have released a new range of solid sidewall and aperture sidewall tyres under CAMSO Solid tyre conversions can easily be supplied through Bearcat’s in-house wheel manufacturing division.


For the bigger gear we supply the range of AMBERSTONE tyres and HILO tyres (formally DURATOUGH) in all-steel radial. We are the Australian factory appointed supplier of HILO brand ultra large tyres and have tyres locally for sale in sizes 35/65R33, 24.00R35, 27.00R49, 45/65R45, 30.00R51, 33.00R51, 36.00R51.


We stock the widest selection of tyres for all types of mining, including hard rock surface mining, undergrounding mining and coal mining. Heavy duty L5 loader tyres available in both radial and high ply bias ply in a range of patterns including deep tread and smooth tread. Dump truck tyres are also available in a number of compounds, including cut resistant, chip resistant and heat resistant tyres. Speciality mining tyres can be supplied on wheels with Tyrfil tyre flat proofing installed for maximum durability.

Bearcat Tyres is part of the CAMSO group and we distribute our brands through local independent tyre shops, service providers and equipment dealers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, Townsville and Launceston.

All Solideal tyres and wheels manufactured by Camso are guaranteed to be free from defects due to materials or workmanship. The validity of this guarantee depends on the tyres type and on the conditions described in our warranty/claim policy attached.