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We provide the widest range of industrial, construction & earthmoving equipment tyres, wheels, rubber tracks and track conversion systems in Australia.

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Find the right product for your vehicle

Find the right product for your vehicle

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BEARCAT is Australia’s leading importer, distributor and installer of Industrial, Construction & Earthmoving Equipment Tyres, Wheels & Rubber Tracks.  We have the widest range of patterns, ply ratings and pricing so you can order exactly what suits your application and budget. 

Furthermore we cover on-site installation of tyres, wheels and tracks Australia-wide via our company operated service branches in key industrial areas. In conjunction with a strong tyre dealer support network of over 800 stores and OEM parts distributors we can swiftly support your needs in all  regional areas across Australia.

As an industry leader in forklift tyre management we select application and intensity specific tyres to provide the longest, safe working performance of your equipment.

Our products and services extend into industrial, quarry, earthmoving, mining, construction and airport vocations were we have solid, pneumatic and flat-proofed options depending on your requirement or budget.

Replacement wheel supply and crack testing completed in-house are all part of our extended services.

Our business operates to ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Systems and is part of the Michelin Group of Companies.


Since 2002 Bearcat has been manufacturing the highest quality wheels designed for Australian industries.

Using high quality rims from Camso (previously Solideal) and other globally recognised suppliers we build finished wheels to OEM specifications and also custom built wheels.

Focusing on durability our wheels are designed to deliver the longest life in high demand applications.


To ensure lowest cost of ownership we also provide wheel repairs and crack testing as part of our service.

Each Bearcat Wheel has a unique BOM number stamped on the rim face to track build type and date of production.

Bearcat also sources finished wheels from other OEM supplies which have been carefully checked for quality assurance.

To support our wheel supply we offer stub axles and finished assemblies (tyres, wheels and stub axles) for new equipment builds or rebuilds.

For custom applications we use our global engineering team and local expertise to design an deliver a solution that perfectly suits your application.

With an extensive catalogue of wheel specifications we can help just about any wheel you need.


The range of TyrFil materials from Carlisle are the ideal solutions for customers that can’t afford downtime due to flat tyres.

Installed into your tyres as a 2 part mixed liquid TyrFil is pumped into your tyres through the valve, pressurised and left to cure to a solid synthetic elastomer core.

Even in the most hazardous environments, tyres filled with TyrFil™ will never go flat increasing productivity and eliminating costly downtime in the field.

Low Durometer: TyrFil™ Flex

Cures to a durometer of 10 for a softer ride. This formula has the lowest durometer for MAXIMUM deflection and air-like ride.

Medium Durometer:  TyrFil™ Ultra,

Cures to a durometer of 30 for strong damage resistance and stability. This product has the greatest heat dissipation qualities. Ideal for severe applications such as underground mining where heat and load are extreme.

High Durometer:  TyrFil™ HeviDuty, 

Cures to a durometer rating of 55 for maximum durability. This formula provides added durability in high load applications with minimal tyre deflection.

Unlike solid or aperture tyres, TyrFil offers a choice when it comes to pressure, durometer and tyre tread as you can flatproof any pneumatic tyre, including tubeless or type tyre tyres.

TyrFil can assist with increased traction and stability whilst ensuring optimal tyre pressure is maintained

No more downtime from punctures and blowouts lowers ongoing maintenance costs through reduced tyre repair and replacement costs

Installing TyrFil into your tyres provides consistent tyre deflection and footprint resulting in a smoother, safer and more comfortable flatproofed ride

Multiple durometers, tread patterns and pressure options available for reduced shock & stress to equipment depending on machine size and usage.

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We provide the widest range of industrial, construction & earthmoving equipment tyres, wheels, rubber tracks and ATV / UTV track kits in Australia.