Forklift Industrial Wheels


Manufactured Standard & Custom Wheels for your forklift and industrial equipment

Industrial and forklift wheels are an important part of the safety of your operation.

As an industrial-focused local manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality forklift and industrial wheels to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely.

We also offer forklift wheel repairs and custom wheels such as dual wheel kits locally manufactured by Bearcat to provide a high quality, fast turnaround.

Bearcat Tyres has over 20 years’ experience manufacturing forklift wheels for Australian applications in partnership with Australia’s leading forklift suppliers.


Multi-Piece Rims – Lock Ring Type

  • For all wheel applications typically for tyres 15” diameter and above – pneumatic or resilient tyres
  • Can be custom made for special applications by selected desired rim width
  • A multi-piece wheel is also known as either 3 piece or 4 piece locking wheel
  • Care must be made when removing or installing tyres on multi-piece rims, noting lock ring installation and condition is very important as they can suddenly break away and cause a serious explosion

Split Rims / Wheel

  • Designed for wheel applications for pneumatic tyres sizes typically up to 12” diameter
  • Economical to maintain and easy to replace
  • Inspection should be made periodically to check for cracking around the mounting holes
  • Least expensive wheel option for lower lifting capacity equipment
  • Meets or exceeds OE standard

Press-on Wheels

  • For cushion tyre forklift applications, standard or wide base conversion to PON.
  • Manufactured with machined steel or cast to the specifications of forklift model applicable
  • Order by forklift manufacturer’s part number or machine make, model
  • Extensive data base of wheel fitments for common makes & models plus custom building

Forklift Dual Wheel Kits

  • Forklift dual wheel kits to suit OE specifications build for durability and longest life
  • Custom designed offsets and configurations manufactured to suit your exact application
  • All kits can be supplied loose or supplied as a ready to bolt on tyre & wheel kit

Forklift Wheel Components

Forklift Wheel Studs/Bolts and Nuts

Wheel Nut Indicators

Forklift Industrial Wheel Crack Testing

Demountable Rim

5 Piece IND Wheel

Forklift Press-on-Hub

3 Piece IND Wheel

Forklift dual wheel kits

Multi-Piece IND Wheel

Side Loader Wheel

2 Piece Split Wheel