Forklift Wheels

As the largest supplier of forklift wheels in Australia we have the range to cover your every needs whether it be a replacement forklift wheel, forklift wheel repair of dual wheel forklift wheel conversion.

Bearcat forklift wheels are locally manufactured by Bearcat in Sydney to provide fast and exact fitment of high quality forklift and industrial wheels. Our multi piece forklift wheels are renowned for quality and enduring the high levels of industrial service stress.

Many of our wheels are manufacturing using SOLIDEAL rims as seen on many OEM forklifts and industrial equipment. Local brands such as Linde, United Caterpillar, Toyota Forklifts, Mitsubishi/MLA, Crown, Clark, Hyster, Merlo, and NTP Manitou use Bearcat locally designed and manufactured dual wheel kits for new forklift supply. Many larger forklifts used in port service applications also use Bearcat wheels for change outs due to the high quality, price and local availability.

Forklift and industrial wheel crack testing including NDT wheel rim testing and refurbishment is also part of our service. Exchange forklift wheels are also available for many forklift makes and models in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and Townsville.

Many Japanese manufactured forklifts use a standard split forklift wheel on the steer and drive of forklifts under 2.5 tonne. These bolt together split wheels are readily available off the shelf at all of our Bearcat branches Australia wide.

Built for maximum durability and engineered to highest standards for maximum loads capability Bearcat’s in-house wheel manufacturing division build the very best multi piece forklift wheels to suit a wide variety of forklift brands and models. As the wheels are locally made they are manufactured specifically to suit your exact forklift or machine and supplied fast at very reasonable prices. 

Forklift dual wheel kits come in a variety of different configurations and here at Bearcat we understand what you need for your machine or application. All dual wheel kits are locally built to OE specifications or custom built to suit your exact application. All kits can be supplied loose or supplied as a ready to bolt on tyre & wheel kit.

Industrial and forklift wheels are an important part of the safety of your machines, operators and operations. Bearcat Tyres is one of Australia’s only industrial specific wheel manufacturers and we are here to help the industry to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained. Feel free to contact us for advice and technical support in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and Townsville.