Skidsteer Tyres

Our Range of Bobcat Tyres Won't Be Beaten.

We understand that every application is different and you need a tyre that will perform for your needs. That’s why we stock the widest range of special purpose skidsteer tyres across Australia. 

Camso skidsteer tyres, formally SOLIDEAL, are the industry’s leading construction tyre manufacturer with a strong focus to design and manufacture tyres to suit the very latest machines and job types.

Our wide range of construction tyres and tracks offer high-performance solutions to meet your safety, uptime and sustainability challenges, no matter the work surface or application. From radial to bias to solid tyres, and from our range of rubber tracks to over-the-tyre tracks, our product lines ensure you meet all requirements. As a leader in the construction world, we work with the main manufacturers in the industry and act as a key player that develops and manufactures products that help to sustainably build the planet.


Take your machine to the next level with a Camso solution.

Camso is Australia’s #1 selling brand of skidsteer tyres with a product to suit your needs or budget.

If your on a budget the Camso SKS 532 is the tyre for you with deep traction tread, sidewall protection and self cleaning lugs all standard.

For those who use their skidsteers more regularly the contractor grader SKS 732 or SKS 753 will deliver the traction with extra tread and puncture protection. 

Industries working on roads, recycling, mining or demolition that still require an air filled tyre can choose the Camso Lifemaster SKZ, SKS 774 or SKS 775 tyre for maximum durability depending on surface type. 

If your tired of punctures Camso & Michelin have the tyres for you. Camso solid tyres are available in SKS 782 & SKS 792S high traction, SKS 793S non directional and SKS 796 Smooth using a 20 inch quick fit re-suable wheel. For the ultimate airless ride comfort try the Michelin Tweel in AT for all terrain types or HSL designed for hard surfaces.

Our range is massive so we are sure to have the tyre you need in the size you need.

Types of Skidsteer Tyres for Bobcats

High traction skidsteer tyres are available in 3 different CAMSO moles plus 2 solid tyre types. The CAMSO SKS 532 provides a high level of traction with CAMSO’s famous step down hauler Lug helping to clear mud from between the lugs when in service.  CAMSO SKS 732 is the heavy duty version of the SKS 532 with an extra ply Hi Ply casing, wrap around lug and deeper tread. New SKS 753 is an aggressive L-4 tyre designed for 50/50 hard and soft surface performance.  This brand new tread design is fast becoming the most requested pattern in Australia.

If you need solid skidsteer tyres we offer the CAMSO SKS 782S & SKS 792S in high traction SKS style lugs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Launceston and Townsville. The SKS 792S also has sidewall holes for added shock absorbing comfort.

CAMSO has a range of tyres for road specific tyres and tread compounds. CAMSO SKS 775 is the ultimate deep tread L5 skidsteer tyre for maximum life through better engineered non-directional tread pattern, high quality tread rubber and heavy duty casing to handle high loads, heat and impact damage. A smooth option is also available in CAMSO SKS 796S which is a solid puncture proof tyre.

Skidsteer tyres re also used on many mining vehicles including SMV & PJB mine shuttle cars. CAMSO SOLIDEAL LIFEMASTER SKZ tyres with high ply mining casing have been approved for underground coal mine use in Australia. This rock grip skidsteer tyre SKS tread pattern is long lasting and also available on heavy duty mine spec wheels and can be supplied with tyre flatproofing installed.

If you are a serious contractor or need a tyre to perform and last you need CAMSO skidsteer tyres. As for them by name at your local tyre dealer or equipment parts supplier.