Crack Testing

Protecting your productivity, people and profitability with an inhouse crack testing service. 

NDT testing in wheels in wheels is vital to reduce the possibility of catastrophic failures through cracking, corrosion and erosion. 

As the hours wear on, OTR wheel rims can develop fractures in sensitive areas such as welds, ring grooves and bolt holes. Left unchecked, the severity of these cracks increases, leading to a wheel failure that severely endangers lives and equipment.

Regular maintenance checks of wheels in service will help with for any wheel and rim components that are deformed, bent, cracked, corroded, worn, or damaged, or are suspected of being so. Working with Bearcat to create a wheel crack testing program on tyre replacements or service life intervals improves safety by helping prevent these incidents, saving lives and downtime. 

Using a non-destructive testing (NDT) process, certified technicians identify cracks, fractures, imperfections and wear on off-highway wheels. Every wheel is given a PASS/FAIL rating, and a clear, easy to understand report is provided to the customer.

Standard testing process

For the testing of cracks in wheels, bearcat works under the Australian standard AS4457-1997 Earthmoving machinery – off highway rims and wheels – maintenance and repair.

For full transparency we use a certified independent NDT Company to perform our work who is accredited for technical competence via NATA certification.

The technique Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Crack Testing uses a fluorescent magnet ink process known as smart-check (MPI Fluoro) in conjunction with a Labino H135 fluorescent spotlight and ferrous probe electromagnet (Yoke Type). A Burmah Castrol Flux Density Indicator is used to ensure adequate field strength prior to testing.

We have found this is the best procedure as it offers greater sensitivity in comparison to alternative colour contrast methods. This is due to the dramatic contrast between the bright glowing image of a defect and the darkened environment, which ensures the virtual disappearance of the remainder of the surface under inspection. The result is increased probability of detection of defects.

However Bearcat can offer either or both of the following techniques:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection – per AS1171
  • Ultrasonic Testing – per AS2207

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