Tyre Disposal

Leading the way with Sustainable Benefits of used tyres

Working with industry to invest in circular economy programs

Bearcat is concerned for the environment and in finding ways to reduce waste and maximize the recycling possibilities for our EOLT products. From 2022 Bearcat Tyres is one of the founding members of the Tyre Stewardship program for OHT (Off-Highway Tyres).

100% of old tyres collected nationally went into TSA approved programs through accredited tyre collectors and recyclers.

Our Tyre Recycling and Disposal Services

We’re proud to be a verified service provider for industry members and organisations looking to kick-start or maintain their environmental impact programs and requirements. By following through on our promise to accept waste tyres, recycle, and reuse tyre materials, we ensure that our clients’ products are kept out of landfills, helping to support the recycling and reuse of tyre materials for innovative new products. We also work with TyreCycle, a global leader in tyre collection, repurposing materials, and recycling, to ensure your used tyres don’t end up in landfills.



We work with TyreCycle, a global leader in end-of-life tyre recycling, reuse and scrap collection, and ancillary collection.

Tyre Stewardship Program

Work with the Tyre Stewardship Australia Program to develop innovative ways to reuse type materials at the end of their productive life. This includes key materials needed for major road, rail, and civil engineering projects.

Local council collection

We can work with local councils to collect tyres from communities interested in lowering their environmental impact. Speak with our team about Australian scrap tyre disposals and pickup and minimise the instances of illegal dumping in most areas.

Work with Bearcat for better management of end of life tyres to reduce waste to landfill, eliminate environmental and health risks.

Connect with the Bearcat team today if you’re ready to work with a reputable partner to help you dispose of your tyres and OTR products quickly and responsibly.


Dispose of your used tyres and make a difference

BEARCAT TYRES & MICHELIN AUSTRALIA are founding members of the Off Highway Tyre Levy Contributors.

Each year 56 million tyres reach end of life. Bearcat contributes a levy on every tyre sold to find new solutions for these tyres once they become end of life. Bearcat contributes a levy on every tyre sold to find new solutions for these tyres once they become end of life.

  • The TPSS has committed $8M to projects to date with a goal to fund approx. 50 new projects.
  • Industry and community education on end-of-life tyre management
  • Research and development of new uses for tyre-derived raw materials
  •  Independent auditing to eradicate dirty, unsafe and unethical practices


Examples of EOLT solutions:

  •  Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) in AUSTRALIA:
  • Cement Kilns
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pyrolysis with end markets
  • De-vulcanization that is proven
  • Tyre Derived Aggregate (TDA) – i.e. landfill base
  • Materials: Playground turf, asphalt, and rubber


Knowing you are supporting responsible Tyre Recycling

Whether your team has high-volume recycling needs or an agreement with a responsible recycling program, Bearcat can work with you to ensure you’re meeting your product waste and end-of-life tyre recycling targets.

With more Australian organisations interested in boosting their recycling efforts and minimising their environmental impact, demand for Bearcat’s products and services has exploded since our inception in 1973.

As a founding member of Australia’s inaugural Tyre Stewardship Program for Off-Highway Tyres, the evidence is clear—we’re committed to helping the whole industry take responsibility for their impact on the planet and are making it easier than ever to meet your operating standards.

Meeting and maintaining ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards, you can trust that Bearcat is a quality partner you can rely on. Read on to learn more about our active recycling process and how to work with our recycling centres.